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[MEHEN 12TH Artisan Gelato Business and Ice Cream Making Training Course]
It's very good for someone who has no any experience of artisan gelato making. It’s a course make you be able to open your own gelato store.
Location: NanJing City of China.
Time and Duration: November 14-15, 2015, two days

MEHEN FOOD MACHINE MANUFACTURE CO LTD (a whole line gelato making machinery producer)
Prodotti Rubicone s.r.l. (a qualified gelato material producer from Italy)
ISWEAR FOOD company (an exclusive China distributor of RUBICONE)
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Set up in 1999, MEHEN Food Machine Manufacture Co.,Ltd ( ( focus on manufacturing of full set homemade gelato ice cream equipment: batch freezer , pasteurizer machine, blast freezer, display freezer, soft serve freezer etc.
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Since 1959, RUBICONE produces proudly in Italy semi-finished ingredients for Gelato , anyone who attends RUBICONE course is able to make real premium artisan gelato ice cream.
Winter, the last season of the year, also a season which anticipate next year! With full passion, cooperating with Italy ingredients brand: RUBICONE, MEHEN had 12th gelato training course with big success.
From Nov.14 to 15, 2015, Senior Chef Andrea from Italy gives two days fabulous training on gelato.
Chef Andrea from Rubicone (Italian)
Chef Andrea has been in gelato business field for many years, it is also his first time to give course in China. All students learn gelato theory knowledge and practice of gelato making with fully prepared course ware.
Chef Andrea is giving lesson to trainee
Over 30 students from 5 countries take course together 
Trainee practice
Students learn to prepare all ingredients for ice cream, making ice cream separately. MEHEN multi language machines, smart program facilitate students from various countries.                           
Oversea students are consulting MEHEN staff during coffee break
Oversea students are consulting MEHEN staff during coffee break
Lady from Shenzhen tastes 0 fat Mango Popsicle sorbet most, all diet enthusiasts will love it.
Lady from Shenzhen tastes 0 fat Mango Popsicle sorbet most, all diet enthusiasts will love it.
Students Making sorbet by themselves 
Visiting MEHEN Factory, refrigerating engineer customer is analyzing machine structure, material etc.

Chef Andrea sign Graduation Certification to all students

Our old customer Ms. Elaine from Hong Kong, who has been a gelato chef for several months, was satisfied with two days course, making her learn more.

New to gelato business, Mr. Li can not believe he can also make delicious gelato. 
Couple from Thailand won biggest awards, congratulations!
Taking photos together, see you soon, friends!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
We hope 2016 brings more peace and happiness and healthy with wealthy life to you and to all of our World.
Thanks for your favorable comments! We are honored to provide a platform for all attendances.
We are preparing 13th gelato course, details will be published in due course!
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