Successful MEHEN ​9th Ice Cream Course | Author:mehen | Publish time: 2013-11-20 | 2999 Views | Share:
MEHEN has successfully hold 9th ice cream course on November 17 &18, 2013. We invite Chef William Zhong from MEC 3 to give lesson on gelato and chefs from Iswear ice cream company to demonstrate how to make gelato related desserts. About 20 students from china and oversea attend this course.

The first day focus on the gelato ice cream recipe, the importance of base material, and the functions of each gelato making machine. These would let students have a basic understanding of gelato.

Chef William further teaches how to make, decorate, and dealing with leftover ice cream, exchange ideas with students through questions and answers. Students then make ice cream by themselves by following the guide of chef.

The second days, chefs from Iswear demonstrates the way to make ice cream cake, ice cream pizza, mousse, waffle, etc, these are important part for those who add various food to their ice cream shop. All students listen very carefully and note the key points

And then Mr. Ren from MEHEN show customers how to operate machines, water and electricity connecting at site. Invite customers who has purchased MEHEN machines communicate with each other on problems met when using machine, experience on machine maintenance, budget control, the choice of shop location etc, this benefits students a lot.